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Sirois French Translation Services, based in Toronto(Ontario) and Montreal (Quebec) Canada, has been designed as a Canadian French/English translation company and interpretation agency to offer flexibility and choice, in areas such as the Canadian official languages in the International market while enabling the mid size to small businesses as well as private individuals to communicate with their international target audiences in an effective manner.

We have a large, diverse base of satisfied clients. Some of them have been with us for years because of the trust they have in our services, as well as being effective in the translation and interpretation world.

Sirois French Translation Services clients vary from private individuals with single page translations, interpretation, to corporations with complex website projects. Creating and utilizing custom glossary and templates for all our Canadian English and French translations have insured continuity of terminology.

What is Sirois French Translation Services Specialty?

  • French (Canada, Europe) to English (Canada, U.S., U.K), English (Canada, U.S., U.K) to French (Canada, Europe) translation services.
  • English to French conversion of language interpretation.
  • Translation of small to mid size Canadian businesses websites.
  • Business & Commerce (e.g. business correspondence) press release.
  • Advertising & Marketing (promotional material).
  • Surveys, Magazines, Manuals, Warranties, short stories.
  • Translations of personal documents such as references, résumés, certificates, letters.
All of work is adapted to the French Canadian market or the area that needs to be reached. It is accurate and will be proofread by licensed human translators and interpreters to guarantee the highest quality and the precise meaning of the context.

What is unique about Sirois French Translation Services?

Our services concentrate only in English (Canada, U.S., U.K) to French (Canada, Europe) and French (Canada, Europe) to English (Canada, U.S., U.K) translations and interpretations.

Founded in 2007, Sirois French Translation Services serves a wide variety of clients across Canadian market such as Montreal Quebec Canada, Maritimes, Toronto Ontario Canada, Vancouver British Columbia Canada and the United States of America.

Sirois French Translation Services employs certified human translators and proofreaders as well as certified interpreters who are completely at ease in dual languages and cultures, ensuring that our translations are both culturally accurate and linguistically precise which are currently used effectively within the French and English Speaking Market of Canada.

Sirois French Translation Services believes in listening to and understanding their clients - and translating not just their words, but the subtle nuances of meaning in their proper cultural contexts. Providing personalized service, with the same translator and proofreader handling all of an individual client's work.

Successfully delivering your message on a global scale is about more than just multilingual translation. You must consider culture, context, and channel – what you say can be reinforced or discredited by how you say it.

Sirois French Translation Services welcomes projects of all sizes - from newsletters to entire marketing campaigns, from employee bulletins to translation of complete human resources manuals and supporting materials. All inquiries are handled in the strictest confidence.
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